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A place of delights, relaxation and recovery. A place of dreams.

Welcome to the Paulshöhe Hotel and Restaurant! We offer you delicacies, relaxation and recreation in the middel of the wonderful nature at the Tiefwarensee. Located in this dreamlike environment, our Hotel Paulshöhe at the Müritz is a place where you will find exactly what you are looking for: whether alone, as a couple or with the family... Regardless of age and personal preferences...
In our hotel you can expect a time and environment in which you can distance yourself from everyday life and collect new impressions and thoughts. That's a big promise - but one that we definitely keep. See for yourself! Here you are on our website, the best place to get to know us from a distance. Everything else comes on site when you arrive at the Waren-Hotel Paulshöhe. We are already looking forward to seeing you!

The Paulshöhe Hotel and Restaurant is steeped in tradition and was originally built as a spa building. We have subjected the traditional basic values to a small modernization, so that our guests at the Waren-Hotel Paulshöhe find themselves in a pleasant combination of tradition and modernity.

Guests experience peace, relaxation and recreation in the charming and unique nature in the immediate vicinity of the Tiefwarensee. A beautiful sun terrace, winter gardens, a club room and a small, romantic hall for family and company celebrations, conferences and seminars are available to our guests.
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A menu awaits you in our restaurant that could hardly be more symbolic in the Paulshöhe restaurant in Waren. We offer a lot of fish and we combine dishes with current recipes to create an unforgettable taste experience. Take a look at our menu!

You are free to enjoy your food on the terrace, surrounded by 100-year-old linden trees and the wonderful gardens, or inside in the restaurant. You can spend your evenings socializing or in the fresh air with a gourmet glass of wine.

The furnishings in the hotel rooms and free-standing apartments are an expression of pure comfort, because the bathrooms are highly modernized and the seating areas in the rooms offer pleasant perspectives for conversations, work, television and other activities for which one likes to have a seat and table available .

Some of the rooms in our Hotel Paulshöhe Müritz inspire with the picturesque view of the Tiefwarensee. The detached apartments catch your eye with a different charm; namely the charm of our lovingly designed sculpture garden, in the middle of which are the Paulshöhe-Waren apartments.
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  • Hotel & Restaurant Paulshöhe - Terrasse Restaurant

We attach particular importance to the personal care and culinary accompaniment of our guests. If you have any questions about activities or would like help putting together your bike tour with our rental bikes, please contact our reception. At the Hotel Paulshöhe Müritz you will receive a tailor-made service, which is an important further link in a chain of offers that will make your holiday worth seeing!

Experience a relaxing holiday free from the fast-paced everyday life. Enjoy the excellent food and the events around and around the Tiefwarensee. Take a look at our current arrangements and seasonal offers for inspiration.

Our team warmly welcomes you.

If you are convinced, you can book here or contact us.

But for now: enjoy your stay on our website! In particular, don't miss our 360° view, which is an absolute visual highlight.
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Paulshöhe, Hotel & Restaurant KG
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Reception: 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m

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