A well-kept dining area, a bright conservatory, a cozy club room, a small and romantic hall - welcome: That is our Hotel-Restaurant Paulshöhe! Here you will find plenty of space to indulge in relaxation and socializing in your own individual way. The culinary delights lay the foundation for this. Experience the charms of nature under 100-year-old linden trees with a view of the Tiefwarensee on our terrace.
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As befits a Hotel am Tiefwarensee restaurant, maritime dishes are an essential part of our Paulshöhe-Waren menu. Our house will spoil you with local specialties from the Müritz region and a wide range of fish.

We attach particular importance to personal care, individual service and the culinary accompaniment of our guests. The Hotel-Restaurant Paulshöhe in the Müritz region stands for this guest-oriented service like no other restaurant! If you would like a closer look at our Paulshöhe goods menu, please click on this link:
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We have many years of experience in organizing celebrations and events in our Hotel-am-Tiefwarensee-Restaurant. We have also put together numerous arrangements that are very popular. Feel free to look at our subpages and get more information! Is your desired offer not included or do you have any questions? Then please write to us using the contact form or call us on +49 3991-17140!
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Our offers

The following rooms are available in our Hotel & Restaurant Paulshöhe am Tiefwarensee for celebrations and events, meals and other social gatherings:
  • club room
  • terrace
  • conservatory
  • small, romantic hall
  • restaurant with bar
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Paulshöhe, Hotel & Restaurant KG
Paulshöhe 2
17192 Waren (Müritz)

contact details

phone:+49 3991 17140
fax: 03991 171444

business hours

Reception: 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m

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+49 3991 17140